New Members

  • Step 1. Call Vice President 0409 626 725
  • Step 2. Bring some photo ID, closed shoes, safety glasses, ear protection and  prepare to have a great time.
  • Step 3.  Meet the other members, have a chat and find out all about the club and what we do.
  • Step 4. Learn the fundamentals of weapon safety & handling from our Range Officers & Firearms Instructor, and get to use a variety of different firearms.
  • Step 5. A minimum of four visits is required for both licensed and un-licensed shooters. Over this time our Firearms Instructor will assess your competency, ability and make his recommendations to the committee before you can apply to the Gympie Pistol Club for membership. This allows you the opportunity to decide if pistol shooting is for you.

Once you have submitted your Application for Club Membership, it will be processed and considered at the next Committee Meeting.

Committee meetings are held on the last Saturday of each month.

Please note that due to the increase in new shooters, visitors, and the limited number of firearms available, time limits may apply.

The Gympie Pistol Club is a family club. Swearing, bad language or poor behaviour will not be tolerated The Gympie Pistol Club ranges are Flora and Fauna sanctuaries. Any infringement of these rules will result in disciplinary action which could result in disqualification from the range for the day or longer.


Belvedere Rd, Veteran Queensland

Contact Information

Gympie Pistol Club Inc.
PO Box 341,
Gympie Qld 4570

President Ph: 0418511767
Vice President (New Member Enquiries) 0409626725